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Driving recently I was struck by how fresh and alive the trees looked. The new green of the trees spoke to me of God's transforming work in our lives and in our nation.  The Bible in Revelation 22:2 refers to this “…And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations”.   

Every one of us has the glory of God upon us and we are all individually and collectively positioned to give whatever gifts we have. We are to be that place of support, encouragement, refuge, healing and blessing.  You have a destiny. The favour of God is upon you and you each have something you are uniquely gifted to do.   

It’s my desire and heart that these songs would encourage you, perhaps spark a fire where only an ember once burned, maybe give you courage to dream again and go after the vision that God gave you.  Most of all I pray these songs may encourage you to go deeper in God and get to know Him better. 

You have a destiny, you have a call, and together we can arise and bring God’s glory and healing to our neighbour, to our city, to Canada, and the nations.  

The song “Canada Arise” is a prayer and prophetic declaration for Canada.  My hope and prayer is that we may pray for our nation through singing the words of this song together and declare God’s mandate over our nation.  Canada…. arise and show the love and glory of God.

God is so personal and He knows you intimately.  He truly is captivated by you and He loves you with all of His heart.  You have truly stolen His heart with just one glance.  The reality of His heart is not one of disappointment or rejection.  He understands our weak hearts and in the midst of this, His love for us is fiery and passionate.  He is smiling at you in this moment right now.  He wants you to experience His love and know this truth at a deep level.   

You have a song in your heart that belongs to Jesus alone.  He is our all in all.  Our reason for living, our hope, our strength, our very breath.   

The greatest gift and the greatest thing we could ever have is knowing God.  If you don’t personally know God’s love and have not yet been introduced to God in a personal way you can meet Him now.  He is closer than you think.  He is right there with you right now, and He loves you.  You can have a new spiritual life that is not based on what you do, but just because He loves you.  Talk to God today.  He is waiting to hear from you. 

Thank you for listening and worshipping with me to our Yeshua Ha Moshiach  (Messiah) - Jesus. 



I Stand Inside of Grace

Join Trish on a journey of joy, love, peace, healing and rest.  Her grace rich lyrics reach to both heart and mind.  Her transforming message:  you are beautiful, you are accepted, you are loved, you are chosen and you are highly favored.  Turn your ear to this joyful symphony of sound and let yourself be drawn deep into the heart of God.